Dan Frommer:

Sure, you can whine about the promise that AT&T made you many years ago when you signed up for unlimited data. But when has a gigantic telecom company actually failed to disappoint you?

Sure, you can whine about being ass-raped in prison, but since when have people not been getting ass raped in prison?

What Dan fails to appreciate is that AT&T used its “unlimited data” to get customers and lock them into a contract. Then, when those same customers want the terms of their contract enforced, they balk.

Even little kids have a strong ingrained sense of fairness, and this clearly isn’t fair. Which leads to strong negative emotions. Which leads to customers leaving.

I guess that’s one thing Dan gets correct:

[Y]ou can switch to Sprint

Coincidentally, a friend of mine got the AT&T throttling warning this morning. He’s decided to leave.

Update: I’ve switched to Sprint.