I like using static text documents to generate my blog. As many others have already said, it gives me control over my product and is easy to maintain and change. For the last several years, I’ve enjoyed using Scriptogram, which both generated the HTML files from the text files stored in Dropbox, and also hosted the generated files. It was even free.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be in active development anymore. I probably could have left it alone and waited until the service died, but I got an itching in my brain after listening to the last episode of Core Intuition and decide to take a second crack1 at doing my own file generation and hosting2.

I’m currently getting my blog ported over to a Github hosted Jekyll site. Of course, I didn’t do the smart thing and wait until everything was finished before switching over the DNS, because stupid and I didn’t actually think anyone read this site3. Unfortunately, at least one person does and I wasted their time today when they tried to report a broken link in their feed reader.

My apologies. Hopefully the DNS and RSS is finished. No I just need to import my old articles and futz with the CSS. The latter shouldn’t cause any problems, and I hope the former doesn’t flood anyone’s RSS reader with old posts.

  1. +10 nerd points if you get the reference 

  2. I failed spectacularly at my last attempt with Octopress. 

  3. What analytics?