I’ve had Editorial for less than an hour and I’ve made my first workflow.

I create my hacks as I need them and shortly after I starting writing I needed to change an unordered list to an ordered list.

First, I picked the action that outputs the selected text from the document. I then did a regex search for ^(\s*)[-*] 1 to find the beginning of each line starting with the preface for an unordered list and replace it with $11. . The input is then used to replace the selected text in the document.

This was a good start but I wanted to be able to easily switch back and forth. I put those three actions inside an if action so that it only fires if it finds that there is a line starting with -. I added a stop action inside the if action to end the workflow once the if statement runs. I then added another if action that is basically the same except looks for lines starting with 1. and replaces them with - .

Finally, I added an action at the beginning of the workflow that extends the selected text to the beginning and end of the lines to make selecting text a bit easier.

You can download this workflow here.

  1. The \s accounts for any preceding whitespace (tabs or spaces) and the [-*] looks for either possible syntax for bulleted lists.