Bashing Apple’s maps is the thing to do these days, but I just want to share my own Google Maps story.

When I was looking to move to Nashville two years ago I started looking for jobs by looking at hospitals I found on Google maps. There was one hospital on the map that I could never find contact information for. I never thought much about it until I moved there and happened to live right next door. It was strange because there was no hospital there.

For the next year and a half I tried everything I could to get that location unlisted as a hospital. I reported the problem multiple times as a user, I joined their map group and submitted the change manually, and I emailed the Google maps peoples repeatedly. Attempt after attempt was rejected. To this day the location is listed as a hospital with a pink background and a giant H.


You can see the same problem on the non-mobile version. Update 1.15.2013: This has been fixed.

Even more amusing, if you look at the location in Google Maps and enable photos, you’ll see a photo I took of the building’s sign. It’s clearly an office building and not a hospital.

Apple Maps does not list a hospital at this location.