1. The hosts seem old, slow, and disheveled. I’m left wondering how these can be on the forefront of evaluating bleeding edge technology in an age of speed, simplicity, and beauty.

  2. Their attempts at humor fall flat.

  3. Just as in the senate testimony, Cook refocuses the questions clearly but politely stating that he disagrees with the assumptions underlying the question.

  4. The hosts grill Cook on the stock price. When he points out that this is not a new phenomena and gives a history lesson on the stock, he asks “Do you know what the price was then?” the host replies “We don’t own Apple stock”.

    How does owning Apple stock have anything to do with knowing the price? Are you not a journalist? We’re you not the one who brought up the stock price in the first place? Now we’re supposed to believe you don’t follow it at all? Unbelievable, literally.

  5. Cook: Apple’s focus is on making the best product.

  6. Hosts: undeservedly arrogant.

  7. Cook on Google Glass: Thinks it won’t have broad appeal but will be useful in certain vertical markets.

  8. Cook is wearing Nike Fuelband on stage. Likes it. Seems to imply that items that do one job do well work well so far, but multipurpose ones don’t and this needs to be solved. “Ripe for exploration.”

  9. “Winning has never been about making the most. That has never been the cornerstone of Apple.”

  10. Hosts: not pleasant people.

  11. Cook doesn’t use articles in front of Apple’s products. E.g. “I use iPad”, rather than “I use the/an iPad.”

  12. Cook: We will be rolling out the future of iOS and OS X in two weeks at our developer conference. “Jony has been really key.”

  13. Cook on taxes: Our return is 2 feet high. It’s too complicated. The tax code needs to be gutted and simplified, which is how Apple approaches everything. Our suggestions on how to do this might mean Apple plays more taxes.

Tim comes across as polished, measured, thoughtful, and confident. I hadn’t seen him before except in the senate testimony and a few keynotes. Am impressed.

Hosts come across as slow, stubborn, and rude. Good hosts make a great show and interview. These hosts seemed to just get in the way and their little self-referential comments were annoying.

Update: On Amplified, Myke Hurley called the hosts cringeworthy and said it’s a recurrent problem.