Being accessible at all times of day to everyone is a ridiculous way to live, but unfortunately it seems that we have just enough access to modern technology to make it possible, but not enough comfort with it to program quiet times. Although Do Not Disturb has been available on iOS since version 6, many people don’t take the time to enable it. Not wanting to be rude by texting at 5am or 11pm when an idea comes to me, I will often either forget to send the message later at a more appropriate time or frequently stress over the fact I need to send a message but it is still not an appropriate time. This is the exact problem that systems like GTD try to avoid.

I created a couple workflows in Workflow that solves this problem. The first Workflow creates a reminder in Omnifocus for the time I want to send the message, with an URL containing the message and recipient. When the URL is tapped it triggers the second workflow that creates the message already addressed with the recipients name.

Download the workflow to create the reminder.

Download the workflow to send the message.