On the last1 episode of ATP2, Siracusa said that the Time Capsule had “a terrible reputation for reliability, and I still think Time Machine over the network is not great”.

I love my Time Capsule and see myself continuing to buy them.

The Time Capsule I have is a 1st generation that I bought when they first came out. Living in an area without an Apple store at the time3, I ended up driving 3 hours to get one. It’s been with me ever since through many years and 3 interstate moves.

I, like Siracusa, have many redundant backups of my data. I have multiple local clone copies4 and I also offload the raw data by itself on to external drives.

Several weeks/months ago my internal SSD suddenly died completely. I hadn’t made a clone back up or manually offloaded the data since the morning. I’d been working all day and had many, irretrievable projects that were lost, except for the Time Capsule back up from 30 minutes before.

I sent in the SSD on warranty, and when I got it back a week later, I booted up the new drive with it connected to the Time Capsule. It asked if I wanted to restore from the Time Capsule. I said yes and went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, my baby was back.5

The beauty of the Time Capsule is it’s fire and forget usability.

That earns some loyalty.6

And Casey was right.

  1. 27 

  2. The Accidental Tech Podcast. 

  3. And mistaking Cedar Falls for Cedar Rapids. 

  4. SuperDuper! FTW!!! 

  5. I’ve also used it to save large amounts of data that I’ve accidentally deleted, such as when I deleted my entire music library before the days of iTunes Match. 

  6. And it’s also priceless for easily backing up other family member’s computers, who may not be as diligent as you are.