When content blocking apps were first released for iOS 9, they were of the type that most would expect: all-in-one apps that in theory would block all the bad and none of the good.1 As I expected, developers are now starting to release apps with narrower functionality aimed at a specific task that can be used in addition to a main blocker. Image Blocker blocks images only, thereby speeding up browsing of text only and saving on limited data cap plans.

My new favorite is Twenty One by Greg Fiumara, the developer of Tappd That, a beer tracking app. Twenty One is designed to disable the age verification screens some brewery websites use. It gets its block list from the developers server from an open source list hosted on GitHub. I’ve already updated it with a few rules for some of my local breweries: Devil’s Backbone and St. George.

  1. With variable amounts of minor customization.