I was sitting in a public place, minding my own business. An elderly gentleman sat down next to me and started to have a very loud phone conversation with what apparently was an insurance company. The salient points are:

  1. His fiancé was in a car accident last week.
  2. She was hit from behind.
  3. She reportedly broke her sternum.
  4. She “is quite messed up.”

He proceeded to slowly spell the name of his fiancé, the name of driver of the other car, and a bunch of personal details such as birth date, phone number, addresses, insurance numbers, etc.. The fiancé walked around, moved both arms with as normal of a range of motion as can be tested by observation alone, and carried a book that weighs 4 lbs.

After he got off the phone, she sat down and started going through the book, occasionally reading out a passage and the saying that they should get the lawyer to “add that charge.”

Then they thumbed through the yellow pages writing down numbers for attorneys.