I want you to learn two things from this email. The first (the fish) is how to combine multiple open Safari windows into one window with multiple tabs. The second (how to fish) is about becoming self-sufficient and making your life better.

The Fish

Safari has an option to “Merge All Windows”. On the menu bar go to Window > Merge All Windows. Simple.

Even better, you can create a shortcut for this.

Open System Preferences (command-spacebar, type “System”), click on Keyboard, choose Keyboard Shortcuts, choose Application Shortcuts, click the “+” button. Under Application: choose Safari. Under Menu title: Type “Merge All Windows”. Under Keyboard Shortcut: press shift + option + command + m. Click add.

Now, whenever you have a bunch of Safari windows open, just hit shift + option + command + m. (It’s a lot easier than it sounds.)

How to fish

I always end up with a million browser windows open, each with several open tabs in them. Frequently, they have the same mail, calendar, Google reader and log in to my EMR websites pulled up on them. Typically this happens when I click on a link in the first window and it opens the link in a new browser window, then later, with that window on top, I want my email and open a new tab to go to it, even though the same site is open in a different window that’s hidden.

I thought two things: windows should always open in a new tab and there should be a way to easily merge all these windows together. I wish I could say that I immediately Google’d it and figured it out. Unfortunately, I’ve been thinking about this for months and never bothered to do anything about it. This has happened to me more times than is healthy. I need to just learn that when I have a problem, there’s probably a solution already created.

For the first step, go to the menu bar: Safari > Preferences > Tabs. Under “Open pages in tabs instead of windows:” choose automatically. For the second step, I explained the second part above.

Moral: There is almost always an easy way to do something on a Mac. If you want to do something, Google for how to do it.

Speaking of which, if you’re not using TextExpander for text macros, you deserve to check it out.