I get easily distracted. I can be working on task A, which reminds be to do task B, then get into task C, and end up working 3 hours on task C, then back to 2 hours on task B, and finally get back to task A many hours later. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, and makes me very productive. Not so much at work. Writing an epic blog post or researching the perfect way to make ginger chicken at work–not such a good idea.

So, I made a quick Keyboard Maestro macro to force productivity:

While logged in, repeating every 1 minute during the hours of 8am-5:30pm Monday through Friday:

If my medical record app or my text editing app are not at the front, then:

  1. Quit the front application
  2. Open my medical record app

Brutal, but efficient.1

  1. I could make it even more cruel but quitting any app that isn’t my medical record app or text editor app anytime I switched to the a new app, but that’s a little extreme. At least now I have up to 60 seconds to look something up.