I am tired of developers who disable pinch to zoom on their websites by either setting the meta tag user-scalable to no or maximum-scale to 1.0. I run across this the most when following Instagram links from Twitter, but it is rampant, such as when I followed a link and landed on this page today:

Maybe it is just my old eyes, but I couldn’t read the text. So I pinched-to-zoom and nothing happened. Because of the poor design decisions of whomever made this page, I was unable to appreciate the content. A view of the source confirmed the problem:1

Thankfully, I have a series of javascript bookmarklets that deal with such problems.2 The following code over-rides any poor decisions on the part of the developer.


I wish there was a way to do this with content blockers.

  1. I highlighted the user-scalable=no, but the maxium-scale=1.0 would do the same thing. 

  2. Such as disabling copy and paste.