I love technology. A few new items have come into my life lately I’d like to share.

  • Mobile Google Maps. This is a program that runs on your mobile. It accesses the GPS unit on the mobile and uses that data for location and direction functionality. It also interfaces with google maps, google satellites and other online mapping images.Most mobile phones these days have GPS functionality and a few companies have created interfaces with this information and for a price allow limited access. (This is in the US where the mobile industry is in the freaking dark ages.) This program gives more functionality for free.

A neat feature about this is the ability to remotely view the mobile’s current location online when the program is active or its last position before the program was turned off.

I’ve gotten back into Geocaching lately because of this.

  • Next up is Opera Mini 3.0. This is a web browser for mobile phones. I’ve been using version 2.0 for awhile now. The new version has several significant improvements including nesting of long lists (no more long scrolls through people’s bloglists of 100 sites etc.), photo uploads, smaller text and secure sign ins. For the first time, I’m also able to log into the wordpress site and blog through my mobile. My last few post were done that way.