I shop for groceries at Harris Teeter1. If you use their loyalty card, the prices are much cheaper.2 I don’t like to carry a loyalty card on me, either in my wallet or on my keychain.3 I used to leave the loyalty card in my car, but then I’d forget to bring it into the store with me.4 They have an iPhone app5 that includes a scannable loyalty card, but it’s slow and poorly designed. I would have to remember to open it up while I was on the last aisle in order to give it enough time to load and, it seemed, download the card from a server somewhere. This was unacceptably slow. So my work around was to take a screen shot of the loyalty card and just display that. It worked better, but was still not elegant.

So with help and prompting from some guy I met on the internet6, I made a location-based Passbook card that pulls up the loyalty card’s barcode whenever I’m at the store.

I used the website Passdock to create the card using one of their templates. I wasn’t able to create the barcode programmatically because Harris Teeter doesn’t use one of the approved barcode styles for Passbook. Instead, I trimmed out the barcode from the screenshot I had taken and put that in the place of the logo. I used the built in DigitalColor Meter app in OS X to make the colors match and put in the GPS coordinates to make sure it would appear whenever I was at the store. It took a little debugging at first, but it works perfectly.

Now, rather than being annoyed whenever I’m checking out, I get a little flush of satisfaction.

  1. Don’t be creepy™. 

  2. Or maybe they’re much more expensive to begin with and only reasonable with the loyalty card. 

  3. Minimalism is cool, right? 

  4. Remembering things is hard. 

  5. And Android too

  6. What a wonderful day it will be when I hear those words from my daughter’s mouth.