A drug rep stopped by today and asked about my use of her companies drug. Using my chart system, in less than 30 seconds, I was able to determine that no patient of mine is currently on their drug, one has failed it in the past and one person might be starting it soon.

This is not possible with any EMR I have previously used to have access to now, but is one of the things always touted as a great benefit of EMRs.

My system is electronic. My system is secure. My system is fast. My system is electronic.

But it is not a certified, legacy system that costs tens of thousands of dollars. It costs less than $2000. And that’s mostly for the Macbook Air.

My system makes me happy and helps me provide quality care. It is not certified for Meaningful Use, but I’ll bet you a month’s pay that I use mine much more meaningfully than any EMR out there.

It also makes me happy.

I hope to share my workflow with you someday.