A couple weeks ago I developed an abscess in the root of one of my top molars. I had the whole swelling, tenderness and pain thing. I felt like dying or ripping the thing out by the roots, either of which would have treated the problem. Instead I wasted $50 seeing an “emergency dentist” who told me it was infected and needed to be drilled or removed. Well, no shit sherlock. I’m a fucking doctor–I know that. Then he gave me heavy duty narcotic pain meds and an antibiotic, which isn’t exactly recommended by the dental societies.

The key point is that it is very unlikely for the infection to go away without physically removing it via root canal or tooth removal and I have no money for either. So, I’m trying to hold the bacteria at bay with antibiotics and asprin until my insurance at the new job kicks in.

Things had actually gotten better for awhile. The swelling, pain, sensitivity and looseness subsided.

And came back yesterday. I think I’ll end up losing the tooth if I wait on this, but I have no money. So while I see patients who never pay, I myself can’t get the medical care I need for lack of money. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

At least if I ever get accused of not understanding what it is like to be poor or to go without medical case, I can laugh like the devil by the pale moon light.