Is there a name for the psychological phenomena in which people in one culture seem to think that ideas attributed to another culture are magically special, even if those same ideas already exist and are not recognized in the first culture?

For example, how exactly is this a “French” way of raising kids?

Jason Kottke:

One of the keys to this education is the simple act of learning how to wait. It is why the French babies I meet mostly sleep through the night from two or three months old. Their parents don’t pick them up the second they start crying, allowing the babies to learn how to fall back asleep. It is also why French toddlers will sit happily at a restaurant. Rather than snacking all day like American children, they mostly have to wait until mealtime to eat. (French kids consistently have three meals a day and one snack around 4 p.m.)

We have a French pediatrician who advised us to do almost exactly what is in this article and we’ve had pretty good success with it. It’s not all roses (kids are kids after all) and a lot of work, especially for the first couple of years, because you have to be consistent and steady and firm (but also flexible) and I know I haven’t always done a great job, but the dividends have been totally worth it so far.

That’s exactly how I raise my kid. And I never read any stupid book or talked to a pediatrician about it. Seems like a pretty standard old-fashioned way of doing things.