To better deal with the stress of stupid UI design in EMRs, I’m going to share my pain with you.

Below is the pop up window that Nextgen shows when you are documenting the length of an office visit for billing purposes.

  1. Notice how the units of time are not labeled.1
  2. Notice how you are given the option of documenting office visits to the fraction of a minute. I don’t think that even lawyers are greedy enough to charge for 0.25 of a minute.
  3. Notice the plus sign and minus sign. I’m still not sure what these are for. They are not for doing simple addition and subtraction. Hitting those changes the number to either positive or negative. Can you bill for negative minutes?
  4. Notice the options for 200-700 minute visits. Does anyone ever really see a patient in an outpatient clinic for 11 straight hours?

  1. Trial and error will show it is in minutes.