Virginia requires yearly inspections for all cars.1 Every year this puts stress on my family as we try to take off the minimal time from work to get it handled. We use to routinely fail due to the fog lamps on our cars.

The fog lamps on Honda Fits are very low to the ground and the glass frequently breaks due to rocks being kicked up off the road. This is a fail for the Virginia inspection, even though we never use the fog lights and I cannot understand how this is mission critical.

The first time this happened Goodyear failed me for it. I asked them to fix it (because if I don’t pass I can’t drive, and if I can’t drive I can’t work). They said they’d call me but never did, so I took it to another shop. They said “That would fail, but since you could just take them off and they you’d pass, we’ll pass you.”

Next time my wife took her Honda Fit in there was the same problem, except this time they told her to go home, take them off, and come back. Given the time missing from work, it was actually cheaper to pay them to do it for her, for $150.

Tomorrow is my inspection. I took them off myself tonight. 1 screw each. I don’t plan on ever putting them back on.

  1. I think it is a waste of time and money, and likely a scam of some kind.