I love macs. Sadly, I use Windows the most. This is because 1) my mac died, 2) I won an HP laptop in a contest, 3) I’m too poor to buy a computer (or even pay the $500 I’m told it will cost to fix my ibook) and 4) all the hospitals I work at use win boxes. The following is a story of my hell and something that would NEVER happen on a mac.

About a week ago my laptop became infected with a virus or two hundred when I visited a website. I know this because google warned me it might contain malware and I went there anyway and as soon as I did my practically worthless virus program (Sophos) started screaming about infected files, but was unable to DO anything about it. Meanwhile all sorts of pop ups, adware, and internet explorer toolbars started ravaging my system.

I installed a few other programs that were able to find and delete most of them, but the pop ups continued, more files continued to be infected, crashes became status quo and I wanted to smash the laptop with a hammer. I had done everything I could to halt the damage, even trying system restore, which kept failing to restore, without success. Finally today, on my day off, I reformatted the HD and reloaded everything. Actually, I’m still reloading everything.

Thankfully, all my music was on my iPod, so I can port that back over (illegally?) and all of my pictures, documents etc. are also saved on usb drives. I did lose some videos and am wasting hours redownloaded, installing and configuring my software.

Viruses suck. Virus makers should die. Windows sucks for being so vulnerable or popular. You pick.